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MakeNoise 0-Coast

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Your way to the Modular World!

If you were fascinated by modular synthesizers, but you didn’t know where to start, 0-Coast - a new great desktop analog synthesizer - is your instrument!Why would you want to go Modular? Well maybe because you would like to live A different experience in terms of workflow and Sound. Most likely, you are also interested what happens if you change the structure of an instrument in a way its creator would never have thought of! Or you want to discover your own new Instruments over and over!

0-Coast is the Answer!

For a radically different experience one needs a radically different synthesizer. 0-Coast is “semi - modular” that mens that its inner structure is rewireable, so you can alter the instrument by simply connecting cables. This gives musicians a tremendous amount of Freedom and diversity.

What makes the 0-Coast truly unique sounding, is its set of subunits: unlike traditional synthesizers it doesn’t start with a complex waveform that is then later simplified with filters, but it works the other way around! It enhances simple waveforms with a wavefolder or a wave multiplier, than further enriches the sound with overtones. The new Dynamics block is also unconventional, it’s like a VCA but apart from just controlling the loudness, As we travel up with the knob, the sound gets brighter and more detailed. Both phenomenons happen in the same time so they mutually strengthen each other.



0-Coast can be played expressively by just connecting a MIDI keyboard, in other words, you Don’t necessarily need to patch cables in and out. Still, if you are ready to dive into the nearly endless possibilities given by its modular features, you can do so with the included patch cables. The slim and small design of 0-Coast perfectly enables it for touring, it fits in most laptop bags, Maybe even a reticule ;)


For the first sight, 0-Coast’s subunits show some similarities to the great and successful eurorack modules of MakeNoise like the DPO, Maths or Function. For example the wavefolder that is one of the most beloved parts on the DPO, or the voltage controllable attack and Decay (Rise and Fall on 0-Coast), or the adjustable characteristic on the slopes, are all present on the 0-Coast as well. Furthermore there is a “DYNAMICS” and an “OVERTONE” section that makes the instrument sound even more unique.

All in and outputs on 0-Coast are compatible with the Eurorack modular synthesizer standard in terms of format and voltage range.



  • 2 Channels of MIDI to CV and MIDI to Gate
  • Dual mode MIDI Controlled Arppegiator
  • Sync to MIDI Clock
  • Compatible w/ Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Signals
  • Patchable w/ 13 Sources and 14 Destinations
  • Triangle Core Analog VCO
  • Uncommon Timbral Animation using OVERTONE & MULTIPLY
  • Unique Transistor Based Low Pass Gate DYNAMICS
  • Voltage Control of all circuits
  • External Audio Input for combining w/ outside sounds
  • Headphone and Line Level Amplifier
  • Small Rugged Steel Enclosure



  • MIDI via 3.5mm socket
  • global CV and gate inputs
  • tempo input, clock output, staircase CV output
  • Sum: fixed input, scalable input, dual output
  • Oscillator: 1V/octave input, linear FM input, triangle and square output
  • Overtone CV input, Mulitiply CV input
  • Slope: trigger input, rise/fall time CV input, end-of-cycle pulse output, slope CV output
  • Contour: gate input, decay CV input, End of Onset output, contour CV output
  • Balance: signal input, CV input
  • Dynamics CV input, line output, headphone output
  • input for external power supply

Additional Information

Warranty: 1 year
Keys N/A
Size of keys None
Keyboard Action Type None / Sound Module
Pitchbend N/A
Interface Type MIDI
Supported Synthesis West Coast
Polyphony 1
Multitimbral parts Monotimbral
Analogue Outputs 2
Continuous Foot Pedal Inputs N/A
Bus Powered No. PSU included.
Battery Operation No
Dimensions (W x D x H) 30cm x 15cm x 3cm
Net Weight negyven deka
Gross Weight fél kilo
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