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Product ID: NECF

Noise Engineering Confundo Funkitus

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Probabilistic beat crossfader

  • Four part probabilistic rhythm crossfader
  • Confundo - blend - from Latin Confundo 'to blend'
  • Funkitus - agitation disease - from Flemish fonck "agitation" with suffix -itus from the greek itis denoting a disease
  • "blending agitation disease"

Confundo Funkitus crossfades between two sets of four rhythms using probability. ree different probability curves can be selected to control the behavior of the crossfader. Per-part switch mutes are included with live performance in mind.

Connect up to four rhythm outputs to each of the two sets of inputs (for example, Numeric Repetitor or Zularic Repetitor). Connect the outputs to modules that take triggers. Drums that take triggers such as Basimilus Iteritas are perhaps the easiest.

Toggle the Curve switch to the top position. If the crossfader is fully le, then only inputs on the le will create gates. If the crossfader is positioned in the middle, the Center light is illuminated the two rhythms are blended together: gates are generated any time either rhythm is played. If the crossfader is all the way to the right the gates generated come from the second (right-hand) set of inputs.

Between these extremes the produced rhythm is a combination of both sets of input weighted by the position of XFADE and which curve is selected.


Additional Information

Warranty: 1 year
Module Format Eurorack
Function(s) Clock Modulator, Mixer, Random
Width (HP) 12
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